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about Velvet & Vinegar

It has been a while since I wrote my first about me, so I thought with a new blog name & layout it would also be the perfect moment to give this one a little refresher as well.

Let`s jump right in….

Hi my dear blogger friends, I´m Sarah-Vanessa, or Sarah as most of my pals call me. I live in Bern, the capital city of Switzerland, which is also the town I was born and lived in my entire life, nothing spectacular as you can see. Currently I´m 29 years old, born under the sign of cancer at the 11th July 1986, and I have to admit that one of my obsessions are zodiac signs. 
I studied pharmaceutical sciences and at the moment, I´m working as a custodian in a drug store. Besides the job, I´m working on my doctor thesis in the discipline history of pharmacy.

Did I bore you enough with hard facts about my life? 
Well ok let´s talk the dirt and crazy stuff…

I`m obsessed with pastel colors, sweets, french bullies, Starbucks, animals, especially cats, coffee, die Drei Fragezeichen, Sims, asos, oh my gosh there`s so much stuff I can`t even name it, you should just read my blog, then you get to know my addiction…

blogger Velvet & Vinegar 

Let`s move on to why I started this blog in the first time. 

I always loved some creativity in my life, it gives me a healthy balance to my work. I always liked writing, I remember that I wanted to study journalism in college, but then decided not to. Maybe I should mention, my teachers thought my writing skills sucked *LOL*.  One day I stumbled about the page Bloglovin and fell in love with blogs. I guess deep in my heart this was the day I decided to have a blog on my own. A few months and thousands of thoughts what topics I should write about later, I started my very first blog Velvet & Vinegar (former blog name: A bird`s daily life).

What is Velvet & Vinegar about?

It´s a lifestyle blog, talking about all the pretty things in life, like delicious food, fancy fashion styles & trends, home decorating, movies, literature and other things. I may have to admit here, that a few of those things might involve some of my obsessions. One of them that has to be mentioned is cooking.
Over time cooking has grown to be one of my favorite hobbies, that`s why Velvet & Vinegar plays an important part in sharing my experiences in this field. 

Besides that, I hope Velvet & Vinegar grows into a place where kindred spirits can discuss about the things they love.

Coming to an end, I just wanted to say, that I really hope to connect with and get to know people all over the world with the same interests. Feel free to contact me whenever you want.

Love you all, 

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