Älplermagronen recipe
Sometimes it must be something quick to do, don`t you think?At least that happened to me yesterday.I spent the whole afternoon at my favorite couple`s home,saying goodbye to them as they leave for Africa today!By the way Good trip to you guys and have fun!I`m already curious about the photos you`re gonna take…
So,coming back to what I actually wanted to say.When I got home,I was really tired and still needed to cook something.I decided to cook Älplermagronen,which is a common Swiss dish.Most important,it`s very easy to do,without a lot of effort.

What you need:
  • 15 – 30 Baby potatoes or 5 big waxy potatoes
  • 2 – 3 cups of macaroni’s
  • 2 Cervelats or if they don`t sale that kind of sausage in your country you can also use ham slices cut into little pieces or beacon cubes
  • 1 onion
  • 1/2 – 1 cup of milk or single cream
  • 200g = ca.7 ounces of grated cheese,you can choose every sort you want.I used Appenzeller
  • 5 slices cheese (the one you use for toasts or sandwiches),also here you can chose whatever sort you like.I again used Appenzeller
  • a bit of salt and pepper,according to your taste
  • 300 – 400g = 10.5 – 14 ounces applesauce ready to serve
The quantities of the ingredients really depend on the size of your casserole…

Halve or quarter the potatoes according to their size.Also cut the onion in little pieces after peeling it.The cervelats you cut it into little stripe,but remember to first take off the thin skin.If you don`t use cervelats you cut your ham slices (the one you use for sandwiches) into little pieces.With beacon cubes your lucky,cause you can buy them like that and don`t need to cut them.
Now everything is ready and you only need to grease your casserole with a little bit of butter,as you don`t want your dish to remain stuck on the casserole.Start filling the casserole with the cut ingredients.
PS: I didn`t peel the potatoes,because I love eating them with skin.Of course I did wash them 😀

Älplermagronen Step 1

Add the milk/single cream and half of the grated cheese.Now gently shake the casserole,like that the grated cheese and milk are evenly distributed everywhere.Spice it up with a bit of pepper and salt or whatever spices you like.
Älplermagronen Step 2

It`s almost done,you just need to add the rest of the grated cheese and the cheese slices as followed: First put the 5 cheese slices on top of the Älplermacaroni`s.Then you cover everything with grated cheese. 
Älplermagronen Step 3
Put your casserole in the oven at approximately 200 degrees.It takes at least 45 minutes,try the potatoes,if they are well cooked the dish is ready to serve.It is served with applesauce,both on the same plate.Usually the applesauce is cold,but I like to eat it hot,that`s why I always heat it,while the Älplermacaroni`s are in the oven.

If you`re having more time to prepare this dish,you can boil the potatoes and macaroni’s first,so it won`t take that long in the oven later.Of course you can also do the applesauce by yourself.If you are interested,I`ll be happy to share the applesauce recipe with you.Or maybe you have your own recipe or tip,then be welcome to post it here!


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