Lovely Sunday

I love chilly Sunday`s….
They are so quiet,peacefully and looovely,because you get time to do all the things that you like.
Me,for my part,I did really enjoy today`s Sunday,doing following tings….
1.Well of course sleeping in,I love sleeping in on Sunday`s.
2. Having my morning coffee,which is the first thing I need in the morning to wake up.But on Sunday I`m always off and I take myself some time to drink my morning coffee.As  the weather was amazing today and the sun was shining,I enjoyed some quiet moment on my balcony.
coffee on sunday
coffee time
love coffee
Having my peacefully moment,I spotted this tree full of bird`s-nests.I love bird`s,you may have already guessed by the name of my blog.
sunday bird moments
3. I love being in the nature,going out for a walk and being attentive to what I see around me.There are the most beautiful things to discover on a Sunday afternoon….
a cute house
a cute chalet

with an even cuter garden.
a cute garden entry
Ohhh my,this is must be sooo amazingly cute in summer or spring time…Would love to have such a cute garden entry…
cool wall art

Mani Matter on wall

some nature loving
forest love
nature love
forest time
fall leafes
the beauty of a cemetery
cemetery late afternoon
wonderful cemetery
old tree

Yes I know this may sound awkward,but I grew up living next to a cemetery and I think they are so beautiful and peaceful places.They have a calming effect on me.That`s why I love taking some time to go there.The tree on the last photo stands in the middle of the cemetery and is just huuuge!!And sooo beautiful…

some forest art
forest art
and another one I saw
sunday moments

some loving my Sunday outfit,especially my boots
sunday outfit
a sweet bicycle
vintage bike

and one really ugly silver sprayed door,by the way the one of my parents house
home sweet home

4. Spending some time with family,a really important and nice thing to do.This includes giving some love to my dearest cat,which sadly I had to leave at my parents house,when I moved out.Didn`t wanted  to pull him out of his environment.
PS: The one on the left is my cat 🙂

5. Drinking hot apple punch after a day out in the cold nature,that`s what just made my Sunday special.
apple punch
Talking about apple punch,does somebody have a good recipe to do it by yourself and likes to share??Then go ahead,I still need one!

6. Welcoming the dark in bed,reading a good book.Another awesome thing to do on a cold Sunday.I love to light candles,which makes it much more cozy.
fashion box
Lately I`m in love with those new, changing light candles.

7. Relax and get inspired with some good music.Since always,I really like to listen to Colbie Caillat`s music.Honestly there`s not one single song from her,that I don`t like.She`s an amazing artist with an even more amazing voice.She`s the one,who`s able to put a smile on my face as soon as I hear one of her songs.
my favorite singer
a few songs I had to listen to today
Puzzle Pieces

I never told you
and 2 other songs,that`s I like

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness
8. I`m gonna end Sunday with a little bit of LOST.A few years ago I started watching it,but then got stuck around season 2.Recently I just started to watch it again and I`m totally hooked up!Love this series!
So I`m off to watch LOST.Wish you all a nice Sunday and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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