Wrap it up

Veggie Wrap

You like tacos and burritos,but you don`t eat meat?!Well here`s a simple recipe,only using vegetables.I call it Veggie Wraps and really enjoy making it for guests,friends and myself of course.It`s really easy to do and you can use whatever vegetables you like,so there will be something for everyone of your guests.

What you need (ca. 8 Wraps):

  • 1 pepperoni (I used a yellow one just for the variety of colours)
  • 12-16 halved cherry tomatoes
  • 1/2 zucchini cut into small pieces
  • 1 can sweet corn (ca.285g = 10oz.)
  • ca.115g = 40z. sliced champignons
  • 8 wraps 
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 sachet mexican fajitas spice mix (ca.30g = 1oz.) you can also do the spice mixture by yourself with the spices you like
  • a sprinkle salt (I used fleur de sel and sea salt) 
  • a sprinkle of pepper (here you should try lemon pepper,it`s so good)
  •  a sprinkle curry 
  • a sprinkle garlic powder (well in fact you can use whatever spices and quantities you like)
  •  3 – 5 tea spoons tomatoe puree
  • 1 can white beans (ca. 450g = 15oz.) Yes they are out of a can and bad for your health,but I love them!
  • 1 tablespoon rape oil


Wraps with vegetables

 After cutting the vegetables,pour the rape oil in a frying pan.I recommend a coated one,they`re just the best for cooking.Heat the oil and steam the the tomatoes.zucchini and the pepperoni.As soon as they are cooked but still very crunchy,you add the champignons and the sweet corn,as they don`t need that much time to be done.

wrap spicesvegetarian wraps

After some minutes cooking on middle heat,you can add the mexican spice mix,water,tomatoe puree and the rest of the spices.Cook everything for 5 minutes on middle heat and then turn the heat down on lowest level.Put the cap on the pan and let the veggies cook.Meanwhile you can start heating the white beans in a pan and turn on the oven (302°).Don`t forget to stir the beans,so they won`t stick on your pan.I also add a little bit of water to prevent this.As soon as everything is ready you put the wraps into the oven and bake them for like 2 minutes on every side.
If you`re cooking the Veggie Wraps for guests/friends,I suggest to bake all wraps together otherwise it can get a little bit stressy,as you have to run of and put a new wrap in the oven as soon as one guest finishes his.The best way to heat them all together ist to wrap them aluminium foil.You should put them in the oven,when you finished adding the spices.

wrap filling

That`s just about it!Just need to put the veggies and the beans in the middle and then wrap it up!
You see it`s a very easy meal to do and it`s delicous…
You see i pretty much love it!
Oh and sorry there`s no picture of my wrap but I tend to stuff them to much with filling,so wrapping is impossible…And it happend again this time…


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