My first Advent Calendar attempt

Advent CalenderAdvent Calendar red

Since I can remember I got an advent calendar from my mom and granny and I loved it.
It`s so much fun if you can open a little gift every day.Often it made my day!
This year I decided to make my own little advent tradition,by making an advent calendar for my mom and one of my best friends.
Of course without them knowing!Where else would be the surprise if not??

advent calendar textile

 In the beginning I was going for something similar like this DIY advent calendar.
Well I failed miserably as the gifts I bought were to big for this idea.

Advent Calendar 2012

Advent Calendar gifts

Most of them are huge,as you can see.So much to my idea…
I then decided to keep it simple.

For my best friend`s advent calendar I used different patterned wrapping paper.I was lucky to get a little sample book with all sorts of wrapping paper.But you can work with any wrapping paper you like.Just visit your local stationary shop and you will surely find something cute.
Found your favourite wrapping papers?Cut them in different shaped pieces.Glue or tape some of your pieces together.
Now you have your own customized paper to wrap your gifts.

advent calendar customized paper
advent calendar handmade

I wanted my gifts to be numbered,since some of them were thought to be opened at the beginning of December.Gold and silver are so Christmas,therefore I used markers in those colours to write the numbers down (you find them in every stationary shop).

advent calendar silver

Finally I made several ornamentation with green,red,blue,gold and silver glitter glue.This glue isn`t thought to be used on paper.So if you decide to do this,you should work very carefully,as the glitter glue tends to blur easily.When finished,the glue must dry for at least a day.Put the gifts somewhere,where they can dry and keep attention they don`t come in contact with other stuff.You really don`t want the glue to blur.

advent calendar green

advent calendar DIY

 My mom`s advent calendar is done the same way,save that I used only one wrapping paper and additionally decorated the gifts with ribbons and stickers.

advent calendar and coffee
advent calendar stickers

You see this is pretty easy to do and you don!t need that much stuff.Well,beside the 24 gifts of course.You can find all the used material in your local stationary shop.
I hope I could inspire you a little bit and maybe give you an idea for next years advent.My mom,as well as my best friend,really were surprised and loved their calendars.It felt so nice to make someone happy.
I wish you all a nice Sunday and just wanted to let you know,that I`m still in love with the idea of a textile-felt advent calendar.Probably gonna do it next year.


PS: see the crazy looking nail varnish??I`m definitely going to wear this next Halloween!

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