December wishlist Part 1

I`m thrilled by the winter wonderland outside!I felt so inspired by this,that I couldn`t resist to take some photos,while drinking my Sunday morning coffee.
Don`t worry,there will be coming more of those…..
The romantic winter atmosphere made me thinking of Christmas and all the nice things I`m fancied about.And if you didn`t noticed yet,I`m a shopaholic.So there`s always something I want to buy or dream of….Does the excuse I`m a woman count??
Well however….
Here`s my December wishlist:
 1. French Bulldog
French bulldog

french bully
 Actually this isn`t only a December wish,but rather a long time dream wish.Since I met a french bully for the first time,I`m all into them.They are so adorable,funny and cute.Now,that I moved out my parents home,it`s the first time ever I don`t have any pets around and I really,really badly miss it!
So I have been nurturing this wish for quiet a while and I think it will continue growing.Who knows maybe sometimes I adopt a little,cute frenchie.

2. pastel coloured wigs

powder pink wig
mint wig

Since a while,I`m really into hair in pastel colours.A few weeks ago I had to take out my powder pink extensions and as my hairdresser doesn`t want to dye my hair,I`m browsing for madly for wigs.Those two wigs in powder pink and mint so far are my favourite.But I also like this one,that one,this wig,and that one,and another one.
Yes,I`m a bit crazy and I love crazy hair colours!
3. caviar manicure set
caviar manicure
I already introduced you to this brand in the following post.This lovely nail style appeals to me and I totally need to get it!
4. owl make-up bag
make up bag

Owls are so cute!I`m totally infatuated with everything that has an owl motive,like this cute make-up bag.Kind of also is a cool DIY project….

5. branches for decoration
branches for decoration
As there won`t be any Christmas tree this year,I`m playing with the idea of buying branches,which ones I can drape with Christmas decoration.So far those cotton branches are my favourite ones.

As this wishlist is quite long already,I decided to split it in two parts.The second part will follow soon and I hope you will then visit again.
Wish you a nice Sunday and feel free to leave any comments!


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