Getting to know me

me,myself and I

Blogging is still very new to me and I suppose so am I to you.
That`s why I came up with a funny little something for you to get to know me better.
Feel free to ask me whatever question you like.I will answer all the questions I feel comfortable with.

If you have any question for me you can post it by writing a comment or sending me an email.
However as I still don`t know if you`re even interested in getting to know me better,I started a poll first.So please give your opinion by clicking yes or no!
Of course you can ask right away,whether the poll still is active or not! 


PS: Please understand,that I won`t answer things,that make me feel uncomfortable or are too personal for me.If I don`t answer your question immediately,it`s because I`m going to collect several question.  

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