Winterly Inspired Jam

selfmade jams

Since one chilly dinner evening with two of my best friends a few months ago,I`m talking on and off about making my own jam.Right now,I`m still laughing about this memorable night,when we invented like 30 different jam flavours.I also remember Roman driving us nuts,because he wanted to add vanilla to every flavour we came up with.

Well,you see I have been wandering around with this idea in my mind for quiet a while.This month I finally made it happen and created two winter inspired jam varieties,which I called “Winter Dream” and “Winter Wonderland”.Both of them are made with ingredients that symbolize winter for me.

At the beginning I was really nervous this wouldn`t turn out as I wanted it to.But after calling my grandma and getting the affirmation I had it all together properly,I came up with enough courage to start my first jam making project.
  What you need for “Winter Dream”

  •  1kg plums
  •  5 teaspoons grounded cinnamon
  •  500g = 2 1/4 cups gelling sugar
  • 4 jam jars with lids
  • 1 silver teaspoon
  • a bar mixer

apple and cinnamon jam

What you need for “Winter Wonderland”

  • 1kg apples
  • 5 teaspoons grounded cinnamon
  • 500g = 2 1/4 cups gelling sugar
  • 4 jam jars with lids
  • 1 silver teaspoon
  • a bar mixer

Whatever jam sort you wanna make,I recommend you to plan in two days to make it.The fruits need to steep in the gelling sugar for several hours or you won`t get the perfect consistency for your jam.I let the plums steep for 24 hours and the apples for 36 hours.

The first thing you need to do is washing your fruits and preparing them.I used frozen plums,which already came halved and without a core,and Pink Lady apples.Actually you can take whatever apple sort you like,but I recommend you to choose a sweet sort,rather than a sour one.Peel the apples,halve them and cut off the stem and the cores.Then you cut all your fruits into little pieces.Put the plum pieces in one big bowl and the apple pieces in another one.

Now it`s time to add my favourite winter spice,which is cinnamon.Add 5 teaspoons grounded cinnamon to each bowl.Of course you can add more or less cinnamon,depending how strong you want your flavour to be.For the moment you`re almost done,just add 2 1/4 cups of gelling sugar to each bowl and mix well,then put the bowls into your fridge.I prepared the fruits in the evening and let them steep over night,which I felt was the most easy way to do this.

winter jam recipe

After at least 12 hours you can pick up on your jam where you left.Put your jam jars in the oven and turn the heat up to 390°.Also fill a pan with water,put the jar lids in the water and heat it till the water boils.I highly recommend you to do this,as you want your jars to be sterilized.Mash your fruits with a bar mixer until they have the texture you like.Fill your mixture into a pan and heat.Stir from time to time so that nothing gets burned.But be careful,because as soon as your jam mixture gets hot it starts to squirt and those squirts really hurt!If you see foam appear on top of your jam mixture,take it off with a spoon.

As soon as your jam has the texture you want,take out the jam jars of the oven,put a silver teaspoon in the jar you`re going to fill and carefully fill in the hot jam.You should really use the silver teaspoon,so chances are smaller,that your jar will break during the filling process.Also you must fill the jars as long as the jam mixture is hot,close them immediately and turn them upside down.

winterly inspired jam When your jam and jars cooled off you can decorate them with cute,attached labels,a self designed etiquette,fabrics or any other things you like.I did some decorations on my own,which you can see soon here.

After finishing this project,I was really relieved,as it turned out not to be as hard as I thought.It`s really easy and you don`t have to do much.And it is a great gift too!So I`m pretty sure there are going to be more jam projects,as I am already thinking about new crazy jam sorts.
Does anyone have any good ideas or flavours???I would love you to tell me here on my blog!


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  1. Yummm that apple cinnamon one sounds especially delicious! I'd like to get more into making jam. Hope you're having a lovely weekend, and thanks for sending us the link to this post!



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