Handmade Jam Jar Labels

self decorated jam jars

I posted about those winter inspired jams a few days ago and made the promise to show you how I did the customized labels and decoration on my jam jars.Well there it is!
I had lots of fun with this little DIY project,although I still need a lot of practice with the whole label formatting and decoration stuff.

Yes this is a warning!
There are going to be more attempts!But for now lets just stick with this project and look what supplies you need.

  • Jam jars…DUH 🙂
  • 1-2 printable label sheets
  • 1 white (or whatever colour you like) cardboard sheet
  • 1 silver-metallic felt pen
  • 1 gold-metallic felt pen
  • 1-2 winter patterned textile ribbon 


customized jar labels

1.Step: First you need to design your printable labels,which you`re gonna stick on your jars.I did my labels on the computer with a little help of a really cute online label designer,called Nordzucker.This design feature is totally free!Also it`s very easy to use,as you only need to put the length and wide of your labels.After that you can right away start designing your labels by drag and drop.Sadly the page is only available in German,or I just didn`t find the translate button yet.

You also can design your labels with other programs or even photoshop or paint and of course you always have the possibility to draw and write on your labels by hand.Just always make sure you carefully measured your printer labels,particularly if you used Nordzucker,because if your computer designed picture doesn`t fit exactly with the label,it won`t look that good.
This was the hardest part for me and I still need to practice it more,as my labels weren`t that perfect.

2.Step:Insert the printable label sheets in your printer and open your designed label.Now you should format your self designed label,if you haven`t done this yet.In the case you used Nordzucker you just need to open the PDF that you saved and push the print button.

That`s about it for the printed labels.Make as many as you need and stick them carefully on your jars.If they don`t stick enough,you can add glue.Don`t use liquid glue or the labels will crimp!

self designed printer labels 
3.Step: Cut out some rectangles from the cardboard sheet.You can choose whatever size you like.I just glued my printable labels on the cardboard sheet and cut out roundabout them.Like that both labels have the same size.

Now you can customize your cardboard labels as you like.I most liked the gold-silver version,as my jams were winter inspired and the lids of the jars are gold.So I wrote the name of my jams in gold and decorated the free space with silver snowflakes.And yes those ones I definitely need to practise more!

4.Step: Make a hole with a hole puncher on the left above side of the cardboard label.Now cut your textile ribbon into pieces long enough,so that they fit around the jar.Lay the textile ribbon around the jar and make a tight knot.Pull the textile ribbon trough the hole you made and slowly move the cardboard label where you want it to be.
It`s time for another knot,but this time,I advise you to not make a very tight one,otherwise the label won`t be in a nice position.If you like to,you can also make a cute loop,like I tried to.

handmade cardboard labels

This was my little excursion in label making,and I hope you enjoyed it!
If you have any suggestion or ideas on your own,I would love to hear them.And of course if you have questions concerning the label designer I used or any other things,feel free to ask!


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