10 Gift Ideas for your Dad

ten gift ideas for your dad

1.elegant,golden Swatch, 2.stylish Vintage Globe, 3.handmade,rum-scented aftershave, 4. Woodstock DVD Collection, 5. iPad2

I know,I know Christmas is already knocking on our doors,but however I still have some gift ideas for those ones,who are doing some last minute gift shopping.And of course anybody who is looking for some ideas or inspirations.

Today`s ideas are all about gifts for your dads.I always find it so hard to get the perfect gift for my dad.Not only because it`s harder to find presents for men,but also because my dad has his own taste!So,it always takes me a lot of time to think about something useful to give him.Luckily,it was a little bit easier with this post,having all the dads in mind and not only mine!In fact mine wouldn`t like many of those ideas,but I hope yours will like them!

gifts for your dad

6.cozy cap and gloves,this exact gift I got my dad 🙂 7. yummy chocolate pralines,me for example,I`m gonna make my dad homemade pralines., 8.cutest Dad mug, 9.cool leather wallet, 10.educational Atlas book.

Have fun with those ideas,get inspired,maybe leave some comment and stay tuned for the next gift ideas part,coming tomorrow!


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