December Wishlist Part 2

Early this month I had posted the first part of my December wishlist and isn`t there a better moment to write my second part as right before the Christmas celebrations begin?
Tomorrow I still need to work for several hours,but in the evening it`s finally time to start
Christmas and I`m all in for a week full of quality time with my family and friends,delicious food,gifts and lot`s of fun and love!

However there are at least still 24 hours left!So I`m going to shorten the wait with this month wishlist past two.

6. Bird necklace

bird necklace

Recently I found this cute bird necklace on Etsy,thanks to one of my favourite blogs,which wrote about their jewelry. As I am all about birds everywhere,of course this necklace became my favourite,but they have other cute jewelry too.So you should really go an check it out.

7.  Unicorn Farts Lip Balm

unicorn fart lip balm

Ha ha ha,this one still makes me laugh!
I found this lip balm,with unicorn fart flavour,while I was browsing the Internet for gift ideas.It`s not something that I urgently need,but I just like the funny name and the idea.And you never want to miss on funny moments!

8. Coloured chalk for hair

hair chalk

coloured hair chalk

 I`m so obsessed with those coloured hair chalks,going back and forth if I should buy them or not.What do you think?Did anyone of you already try coloured hair chalks and did they work for you?
I think they would create some magical and wonderful pastel look,but my biggest fear is,that they rub off on clothes.

9.David`s Tea

davids tea

1.La la lemon, 2.Pumpkin Chai, 3.Paradise found, 4.Love tea #7, 5.Glitter & gold

Although I`m more of a coffee person,I do enjoy a good cup of tea,especially during the cold months of the year.Since I read about David`s tea on a beautiful mess,I really want to try this tea!
Here I just present you five flavours I definitely need to try and I`m sure there will be even more,as I haven`t seen them all yet.

10. mint-colored shorts

mint-colored shorts

Mint is one of my favourite colours at the moment and those shorts are too cute!I couldn’t resist,when I saw them and had to buy them!
And now I`m eagerly waiting for them to arrive!

That`s about my would love to have things,but what do you wish for this December??
I would love to know!So tell me about it in a comment!
With this words,I wish you all a nice Sunday!


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