Make Your Own Customized Wooden Heart

customized wooden heart

I`m finally back with a new DIY project!
I made this one for my grandpa and gave it to him on Christmas!So if you also have a grandpa,who thinks gifts are a waste of money,this may be a perfect fit for you!
Of course you can also make this for any friend,family member or anybody you want to surprise with something special and personal!

For starters,I need to mention,that I consider myself an amateur in terms of crafting.
A while ago,I was looking for some new activity in compensation to my daily work,as I really missed creativity in my life.Besides blogging and cooking,crafting and doing little DIY projects became one of those things,that help me relax and regain power and spirit.
So please be kindhearted with me and my DIY projects as I`m not that good yet.

decorate your own wooden heart

supplies for own customized wooden heart

Supplies you need:

  • wooden heart, I used an already cut and sanded piece with two eyelets
  • acrylic paint in the colours you want,I used white,black and blue
  •  wood protection paint or lacquer
  •  topcoat paint
  • tape,or whatever decorations you like
  • textile ribbon 
  • different sized paintbrushes 
  • adhesive tape

I highly recommend to first cover the eyelets with adhesive tape,so they don`t get paint on them.I didn`t do this,because I had forgotten to buy the tape.Believe me you really should do this!
Now coat one side of the heart with wood protection and let dry for 24 hours.During this time you can add another layer if necessary.After 24 hours turn the heart and coat the other side.Again let dry for 24 hours!

lovely self decorated wooden heart

It`s time to give your heart some color!
Sure you can leave your heart natural as it is,but I preferred to paint it in white.I added 2 layers of white to get it covered good.Let the paint dry for a few a hours between the different layers.
When your first side is well dried,turn the heart on the other side and paint again,as many layer as needed.

selfmade gift for your grandpa

Finally you can add your text and ornaments!Feel free to do whatever goes through your mind!
My inspiration was this cute piece!
The text I came up with is referring to a previous Christmas gift,that I got my grandpa a few years ago,which exactly had this text on!
After writing the text with black acrylic paint,I decorated the edges with crafting tape.

DIY self painted wooden heart

DIY project painting wooden heart

Cover everything with topcoat paint.First one side and let dry for 24 hours,then the other side and let dry for 24 hours again.
Your heart is done,there`s only the ribbon missing!Pull it through both eyelets and make a loop.

self painted and decorated heart

As it turned out,this project isn`t that difficult as I thought!
Enjoy your crafting time!


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