This Week in Pictures

my white orchid

Well actually it`s last week in pictures,as today is Monday and a new week already has begun!Duh! 
But yesterday was a day filled with fun,crafting and being with my lovely friends.We were sitting over a secret craft project,which I can not talk about yet,but at least I got a sneak peek for you.

secret crafting projectknitting leggins with ethno print

We finished the evening with a big Thai/Chinese food feast and when I got home around midnight,I was too tired to even do anything.
So that`s my little story,why this post is late!

white orchid at my home

Coming back to the main topic: “this” week in pictures…
Last week I struggled for the first time with my 365 photos project,as I started working full time again!Yes!If you haven`t noticed yet holidays are over!
When I came out of work it was already dark and there was no light,except artificial light,to take photos.Those photos turned out to be very yellowish,due to my mat dim light I have at home.

floral curtain

Umbrella stand 

I`m happy anyway,because I continued with my resolution and mostly because I got some photos again this week.


winter shrub

little zoo

Oh and cheers to lunchtime!Without you,I wouldn`t have done it with this weeks photos!
 Wish you all a good start in the new week!


arriving at home

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