DIY Printed Cards

DIY cards with vintage photographs

Making your own cards is so much fun,you have to believe me!
A few months ago I was looking desperately for some vintage bird postcards,as well as old photographs of style icons from the past.As I couldn`t find anything suitable,I came up with making the cards by myself.

And since then,I did not only make my birdie and style icon cards,but also Christmas cards,Birthday cards and gift vouchers.
Self-made cards not only are more personal,but they also turned out to be much cheaper than those ones that you can buy in stores.Not that this would matter that much to me,but it is kind of a neat plus point.

How to make self printed cardsHave I mentioned that you only need two supplies!
Yes,great right?!

Supplies needed:

  • 4 x 6 inches paper cards (DIN A6 format)
  • printer

I highly recommend to buy cards,that are made out of a thicker paper,this will make the outcome look so much better.I got mine from a local craft store.
If you`re obsessed with all those vintage looking postcards,just as I am,you shouldn`t buy white paper.Buy paper cards in eggshell color instead,which makes them look older.

Christmas cards made by me

Look for photographs or pictures that you like and that fit for your card`s purpose.
For my cards I fell in love with those ones:

google picture search:  vintage bird cards
this book: Fashion Box
google picture search: winter vintage 

As soon as you have all the pictures on the computer,you are almost ready to print your cards.
Sometimes I like to edit my pictures,put some frames,text,filters,etc.
If you have a photo editing program,you can easily do this with a couple of clicks and npw would be the moment to do this.

ideas for self-made cards

Now check the settings of your printer and make sure you have chosen the right printing format.
I normally tend to open every single picture with Paint and check the printer view.There I change the settings of the picture to DIN A6.I`m not going into details here,as this will turn out to be very boring and nerdy,so if you need help with this,contact me and I will give you deeper information on that.

All the settings right??
Time to print!
Insert your paper cards into the paper drawer of your printer and hit the print button!

print your own vintage looking cards

Enjoy your card designing and printing time!


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