3 Lemonade Ideas

enjoying a refresing lemonade

You know it all,it`s that time of the year,when we crave for a refreshing and cold beverage.Preferably with a lot of ice cubes,at least in my case.
One day I thought,why not make my own lemonade,as I am a huge sucker for lemon and most notably lime juice.

I suppose most of you made their first lemonade years ago and don`t find my discovery very outstanding.Anyway with me,it`s different.Of course I had heard and read about lemonade,but I had actually never tried one,until I decided to make one a few weeks ago.
And so far I have to admit,lemonade is absolutely delicious and refreshing at the same time!
On my opinion the lemonades made with lime juice are a little bit less sweet and with a more sour taste,and thus for more refreshing.That`s why I prefer to make my lemonade with lime juice.

What you need (for about 4 glasses):

  • 3 fresh lemons or 5 fresh limes,you need about 0.2 quart lime/lemon juice
  • 0.8 quart water
  • 2-3 tablespoons sugar,I used cane sugar

Press your lemons or limes and seven the juice to remove all the seeds and pulp.As already mentioned you need about 0.2 quarts juice.Then add the water and sugar.I prefer my lemonade to be more on the sour side.So probably you need to add a little bit more sugar,if you like it sweet.

What would we do without the Internet right?Becoming one of the most recent lemonade fans,I just had to browse my favourite blogs for some inspiration.And of course I got lucky and found some yummy lemonade recipes to inspire me here & here.
That`s how I currently started experimenting with different supplementary lemonade ingredients.
Some of them didn`t work for me,like the one with physalis,and others did,like the three,I am going to share with you.

1.Cucumber & mint lemonade

best lemonade taste ever

My favourite one of these three.I just instantly got addicted to it`s strong cucumber taste.Although you can slightly tell the cooling effect and the taste of the mint,the cucumber mainly is the outstanding one.Maybe the next time I will add more than three branches mint,to see if I can increase the mint flavor.

What you need (for about 4 glasses):

  • lemonade (look above)
  • 1/2 salad cucumber,cut into slices
  • 3 or more fresh mint branches

Also notice,that the strength of the flavor depends on how long you allow your ingredients  to infuse in the lemonade.This is kind of essential for all lemonades with additional ingredients.I recommend to simmer for at least 30 minutes,before serving.

2.Green apple & sage lemonade

this lemonade the most refreshing summer drink ever

Probably the most refreshing lemonade so far.Sage is known to have a cooling effect and in combination with green apple this effect gets intensified.So this lemonade is definitely a perfect choice for hot summer days.Oh and did I mention that sage helps decreasing the perspiration.

What you need (for about 4 glasses):

  • lemonade (look above)
  • 1 green apple
  • 10 to 15 sage leaves,depending on how much you like the taste of it

3.Rosemary & cucumber lemonade

serve this lemonade for a dinner with friends

There goes the cucumber again.I just can`t get enough of it.This time I mixed it with rosemary branches,which gives the lemonade a more drier taste.Although not that refreshing,like the other two,it`s still quiet good.
Having a dinner with your friends on a chilly summer night?Then this lemonade is what you should serve!

What you need (for about 4 glasses):

  • lemonade (look above)
  • 1/2 salad cucumber,cut into slices
  • 3 to 5 rosemary branches

Hope you got a little bit inspired or at least remembered how easy it is to make a lemonade all by yourself.
Do you guys even like lemonades?And if you do,what are your favorite flavours?


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