Some Hippie Love

some outfit shots of my ethnic outfit

Since I got myself a SLR as a birthday gift last month,I`m all about trying and exploring my new treasure in every kind of way.One of it,is practising portraits and full body shots.And to be honest,I have been wanting to do outfit posts for quiet a while now,but with only an iPhone limits are reached quiet quickly.Especially if there`s no full-length mirror at your home,where you can stand in front of and take a picture with your mobile phone.
So I got banished to wait until I was able to buy myself a full-length mirror or a camera.
For now,I`m still looking for the mirror,but hey,at least I got the SLR.

sharing the outfit I wore wilst taking a stroll in the forest
check out this hippiesque look

The first outfit,I`m sharing with you,is one of my favorite early autumn looks.Probably because it`s a very cozy,but still lookable outfit.I`m more the type of girl,that wears comfortable things,rather than being all dandified.Of course this doesn`t mean,that I am sloppily dressed.Quiet the contrary I would say,as I like to think through every single component of an outfit.But still,I love it the comfy way though.

And you may have guessed it already,I`m a sucker for hippiesque looks.I mean who wouldn`t right?They are just so much fun to wear.Besides that, I had an awesome time twirling in this skirt,while taking these photos.

wearing orange
love long skirts
showing my canvas bag
hippy feather necklace
mixing different orange and red shades

sweater: H&M (ca.43$ US),skirt: zebra (11$ US),sneakers: gift, canvas bag: H&M (ca.6$ US),feather necklace: gift,pyramid-shaped ear studs: Claire’s (ca.10$ US),ring: H&M (ca.5$ US)

most comfy sneakers ever

canvas sneakers: gift

bohemian in the city

autumn look

All the pieces of this outfit aren`t new, in fact,I`ve worn them about a dozen of times already. And I`m still not tired of wearing them,especially the sweater and the skirt.I love when this sort of thing happens.You buy a piece of clothing without giving it a lot of thoughts and then it turns out to be one of your favorites.

and read you soon

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