DIY Make-over: Outdoor Pillows

redoing some bought pillows for my balcony

I have already told you about me realizing some of the plans for my balcony this summer here.But I kind of wanted to share the story of my balcony chair pillows separately,as it thaught me a little DIY lesson.

Since planning and making inspirational boards for my balcony,I knew I wanted a yellow-white stripped tablecloth and pillows.I pictured a Mediterranean flair,heavily inspired by Saint Tropez.And what wouldn’t be more saint-tropeish – or whatever you call it – than stripped pillows.So this was an absolute must have.

One day I spotted them in a store and they were just in the perfect yellow.Sadly they only offered them in a rectangular shape and I needed round pillows.I decided not to buy them.Weeks passed,while I continued looking elsewhere for my perfect pillows,but without any luck.From time to time I returned to the store to look at the perfect coloured,but unlikely shaped pillows.Still didn’t buy them at this moment.

quick snapshot of the pillows before I redid them

Already half of the summer had passed and still no pillows in sight.But one day it came to me,whilst once again checking out the pillows in the store.Why not buy them and make them fitting my chairs.

What I did to the pillows:

  • cut them open
  • removed the filling
  • cut out 6 circles in the size of my chairs (see picture 1)
  • quilted the verges of the circles
  • saw together one pair of circles,leaving a little whole open (see picture 2)
  • turned the now round pillows to their accurate side
  • filled them with the previous removed filling (much less filling)
  • saw together the whole for the filling (see picture 3)
all the steps to re-do some pillows

And that’s how I came up with this DIY idea.I know this actually isn’t a demanding DIY project,if you can even call it one.Nevertheless for me it was a big experience,as I ended up learning that I don’t need to always find the perfect product.In fact with a little bit of inspiration and creativity you can make everything suitable.


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