Au Revoir Winter Boots

wearing my winter boots

I’m pretty sure that winter is over or at least I’m telling myself that, because I really want to believe, that the thermometer won’t drop below zero degrees anymore. So I decided to wear my winter boots for the last time today to say a proper goodbye. See you guys in about 7 months!

  • classic, white blouse: H&M
  • v – neck sweater: gift
  • curry leggings: Chicorée (5.00 CHF)
  • leather boots: secondhand from Fizzen (69.90 CHF)
  • blazer coat: H&M (15.00 CHF)
  • fake crocodile leather bag: gift (ca. 130.00 CHF)
  • golden earrings: Claire’s
  • necklace: H&M (9.90 CHF)
classic look wearing my winter boots

What about you, did you already pack away your winter clothes and boots? I never separate winter and summer clothes, as I like to wear a few winter pieces in summer and vice versa. Only winter boots, I definitely don’t need those during the warm months.


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