Alice in Wonderland Party

The beginning of this month I mostly spent party planning, as my 29th Birthday falls on the 11th of July and I wanted kind of a special birthday bash to celebrate the start of my last year with a 2 on the back. Yes, I know, getting old, don`t pity me…One more reason to party hard!

I always had a little obsession with Alice in Wonderland, especially with the Wonderland. It kind of reminds me of a dream world, that I would love to escape to once in a while, like Alice does. Perfect theme for my party and as you can see on the photos, I tried to create my very own wonderland in pastel colours. And there`s no way I was going to miss out on the playing card motives, so I decorated my living room with some nice garlands made out of playing cards.
Guys let me tell you these were some stressful days, because of course I just had decided in the last minute, what I wanted to do, typical me though, and I guess with more time this would even had turned out better. But anyways in the end I almost managed to cook & bake everything, minus the cake and a few other things.
What no cake, is this girl joking or what?! I know that`s what you think right now, I was afraid my guests would say the same thing, but in the end it turned out they were fully satisfied with the homemade finger food. 

It really was one truly unforgettable evening, loved that you all were so addicted to my colorful drinks, also loved the atmosphere and spending some quality time with all of you. I really appreciate having you all in my life as friends and I hope although the years pass, that we always will stick together.

Love you all,


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