Busy Weekend: Cake Class & Halloween House Party

result of the cake class: Christmas cake with Santa Claus

Normally there`s not that much blogging about personal events at this blog, but this weekend I had the possibility to attend two totally different but outrageously cool events. So I just had the urge to share….
Actually I wanted to post this yesterday, but due to the fact that the weekend has been quiet busy – and yes I totally know I`m repeating myself – I was just way too tired to do any writing, photo editing, or any other work in general. So that`s the reason for me being late on updating you guys.

Christmas cake with Santa Claus

Christmas themed cake with Santa Claus

Sunday there was a themed class on decorating and coating a Christmas cake at my cousin`s house. It was such a fun, interesting, educational day, but exhausting at well. Imagine four girls fighting with their fondant with the aim to create one perfect Santa Claus. Yes indeed, it was an utter mess! At this point chapeau to my cousin for all her patience with us girls. She guided and helped us through the class with great spirit and humor. Dear cousin, if you`re reading this stop laughing about my giant Santa hands! *LOL* 
For all the other`s out there, who don`t know her work, let me tell you she is one talented bakeress and the owner of the site Selina`s Sweet Bakery. You should definitely check out her sweet artworks.

scary doll meets the ring halloween costume

scary doll from the Nightmare before Christmas halloween make up

Second event I attended was a Halloween party at my co-workers house, scary costumes included. I suppose you guys are already aware of my obsession with Halloween, so you can imagine how excited I felt about this, especially the dressing up part. Ultimately I decided going as a mixture of Nightmare before Christmas-Joker-scary doll. 
What do you think about the look? There`s a slight ressemblance to the girl of the movie the ring, don`t xou agree?
I certainly was frightened by my transformation!

the scary crowd halloween 2015

bff`s scary doll the ring girl & britney spears zombie

psycho snow white & zombie promqueen

the scary psycho clown

So that`s about it so far from my part. What did you do on Halloween and as what scary character did you dress up?

Read you soon,


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