Cowspiracy: A Documentary That Will Provoke A Flood of Thoughts & Eventually Change Your Life

Cowspiraracy - Documentary on worlds biggest pollution source
image from PETA

So far I`ve always been against a vegan diet, not that I despised the ones living after this ideology, I just didn`t consider it as an option for me, as I always believed in the necessity of dairy goods and a little bit of meat and fish for a healthy nutrition. In discussion with friends that are vegan or vegetarian I always fought for a sustainable, but meat and dairy based nutrition. Until I did the same in an instragram discussion on veganism and someone recommended me to watch “Cowspiracy”
It`s about how every single one of us can be contributing to reduce environmental pollution by going vegan. The documentary states, that the animal agriculture is the main source being responsible for the pollution of our world. 

Last Friday night I finally decided on watching the documentary. It`s really mind blowing and shocking. So far it has me thinking, and thinking and thinking…It really confused me, well not really confused me, but left me without knowing what to do. Now I know, that it probably would be the best to go vegan, but frankly will I be able to make this step and more important will I be able to be consistent with this new way of life? I mean it`s one thing to quilt on fish, sea food and meat, as I didn`t consume it that frequently anyway, but missing out on eggs, chocolate milk, Cornflakes, sour cream and most of all cheese…I`m not sure about that!
Even writing this, I`m still thinking about the perfect solution to eat sustainable without giving up on all the things I love.

Has anybody seen the documentary yet? What do you think of it and what did it provoke in you? Did it change your behaviour?
I would really appreciate if some of you out there could share their thoughts on sustainable eating, no matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, frutarian, ovo-lacto-vegetarian, on a paleo diet or eating a little bit of everything. 
Me for my part, I`m trying to even cut down more on meat, fish and dairy products by adding more vegan dishes to my daily menu plan. And who knows maybe I`ll manage to go completely vegan.

Read you soon,

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