Weekday Weekend Challenge


2018 is knocking on our doors and like a lot of other food blogger we are going to deal with healthy food over here at Velvet &Vinegar. By nature I always have the urge to do something good for my body after all the holiday gluttony. Although I never cared that much about diets back in the days. This year is different, I gained 20 kilograms of weight during my pregnancy and I am still carrying around 10 of them after giving birth 11 weeks ago. So I feel there is something that needs to be done about it. Don`t get me wrong I am absolutely against strict diets during pregnancy and breastfeeding but I encourage a healthy lifestyle and a moderate amount of sport.

So when my hubby got me the book “Weekday Weekend” from Elsie & Emma, writers of the amazing blog a beautiful mess, the decision was taken. We would take upon the challenge to life 4 up to 8 weeks by the rules proclaimed in that book. Who is in for it too?

First of all “Weekday Weekend” is not primarily a diet focused on loosing weight, but rather on implementing a healthy lifestyle from Monday up to Friday based on 5 rules. On Saturday and Sunday indulging is allowed.

The 5 Rules:

  1. eat a variety of healthy and different foods
  2. no refined sugars, artificial sugars & sweeteners*
  3. no refined white flour & white rice
  4. no dairy products
  5. no alcohol
  6. no meat & fish (for those ones like us, who aren`t yet vegetarians)

If you are going to follow those rules strictly, change them to your needs or extend that lifestyle to the weekend is your choice. Our household defined the rules as followed:

  • from Monday to Friday we exactly life by above rules, we also pass on eggs, which means we eat a vegan diet
  • we will try to quit on the refined sugars on the weekends as well
  • we will occasionally eat fish, meat, dairy products and eggs on weekends
  • rule 1 we extended to eating the rainbow, which means we are going to try to daily eat all the colors of the rainbow

There is a small addition to rule 2. According to Elsie & Emma natural minimally processed sugars, like honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar, as well as molasses, are allowed in small amounts. Soon there will be published a post covering that topic here on the blog. The alternatives we chose will be discussed in that entry as well.

I hope this blog post caused some motivation in all of you to take part in that challenge. Most certainly I would be happy about every single participant. If you are going to be in on this, please share your experiences and recipes. As an inspiration for all of you a  menu plan is going to be published on a weekly base here on the blog, where I show you what meals found their way on our table. I am looking forward on many participants and an active exchange of ideas.

Read you soon


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