Weekday Weekend: Week 1

Weekly Menu Planner

The second week of 2018 already started and I am looking forward to share my experiences of the first week of the Weekday Weekend Challenge. For those one of you guys who are new here, you can find all the information about this topic under this link.

To be completely honest, the first pair of days have definitely been hard on my body. On one side there was a constant nagging sensation of hunger  and the effects of sugar withdrawal weren`t exactly positive, which means bad mood happening over here. Additionally I felt completely exhausted in the evening and was absolutely good for nothing. Gladly those side effects disappeared after 3 days as my body seemed to get used to the diet changes. The following days I even felt fitter and full of thirst for action. I especially noticed positive effects of my digestion.

What else did I learn this week? Bad news for all of us, because obviously plenty of food you maybe wouldn`t even think of contain sugar. On my opinion this is quite a worrying result, which I can only respond to by shaking my head. Let`s dive in deeper into that subject.                                                                                                                                                You can`t imagine how big my joy was, when I found out that our go-to supermarket had vegan soy yogurt. Why? Duhhhh…. because yogurt is awesome! But immediately I got knocked out of the skies, because seems this product contained sugar. Who in god’s name puts sugar in a plain yogurt? Can anyone answer? Sadly my further research didn`t find another vegan yoghurt without sugar. Same situation at the milk shelf. First I was jumping for joy after discovering the big selection of milk substitute products, just until I discovered every single one had additional sugar in it as a sweetener. Eventually I stumbled upon one single almond milk that was unsweetened and thus for sugar-free. Next addition to the shopping cart was the soy cream we absolutely fell in love with a few months back. We use this one as a replacement for cream. At home I checked the ingredients and to my amazement again sugar as an extra. I really couldn`t believe my eyes! Why does soy cream to make sauces need sugar! But hey, at least I got a new mission, namely to find a similar product without sugar.                                                            Do you by any chance like to spruce up your food with sauces, like for instance Thai chili sauce, sriracha, mustard, mayonnaise or ketchup? Let me tell you, you can forget about those right now. All the products I found had sugar in them, even simple tomato sauces for pasta. There was one glass of sieved tomatoes that came sugar-free. Yes life indeed sucks sometimes….                                                                                                                             To draw the balance on this topic, I am shocked and astonished about the fact how many products contained sugar. I am asking myself if this is really necessary! What`s your opinion on this?

I am totally aware of the actual length of this blog post, but still I would like to give you a short insight on what was served on our table last week. In brackets I will write down the eaten colors (check out my post on eating the rainbow).


We went for a lilac colored breakfast bowl with granola, persimmon and frozen berries for breakfast (blue, pink/red, orange & brown). You can find a recipe for homemade granola here on the blog. Red cabbage salad with cherry tomatoes for lunch (purple & red) and a light dinner consisting in steamed cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts gratinated with toasted bread crumbs (green & white, recipe from Dr. Oetker).


Once again breakfast was covered by a granola bowl, this time topped of by citrus fruits and a dash of apple sauce in the yogurt (yellow, orange, brown & red). The leftover cabbage was processed into another salad accompanied by papaya and cashew nuts to avoid boredom (purple, orange & white). Dinner was rich on carbs as we decided to go for whole wheat penne on a tomato sauce with capers and olives (green, black = blue & red).






So far about our first week of Weekday Weekend diet. I hope you guys got a little idea how to implement this lifestyle into your daily life. I would really love to read about your ideas, recommendations, recipes and own experiences. So please feel free to share with me.

Read you soon,


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