Weekday Weekend Week 2

Weekly Menu Planner 2

Unbelievable how time is running fast again, even in 2018. The second week of our Weekday Weekend Challenge already passed by. Slowly slowly we are adapting to the new lifestyle. Physical and mental constitution is very good and stable for now. At the beginning of the second week my digestions was acting up a little bit, mainly due to shifting from eating meat and dairy on weekends to being vegan again on weekdays. At least this is the reason I believe is responsible for having digestion problems. Routine also found it`s way on our menu plan. Meals didn`t come off that fancy anymore, compared to the first week. Some days an oven baked sweet potato and simple lettuce did the job for us.

Concerning last weeks experience I have some updates and actually they are quite positive for those ones amongst us trying to live sugar-free. In the end I managed to find a plain yogurt without any sugar at all. My statements regarding milk substitution weren`t that correct *shame on me*! Seems I have been way too hasty on that topic. As I studied the ingredients of those products a little bit more precisely, I found out that most of them contained sugar, but not of the additional kind. For instance soy beans and coconut contain carbs by nature and this type of sugar is ok, as we don`t deal with refined sugars here. So you don`t act against the rules if you consume coconut, soy or rice milk. Of course I still advise you to check the ingredients all the time, as there are a few products that contain extra sugar. This especially goes for some almond milks. Always go for the unsweetened version.                                                                                      ,For those ones of you who like sauces I have good news too. Although soy sauce contains sugar, it`s a natural one too. Then I found a mexican, sugarfree chili sauce, named Cholula, which is without sugar too. Sadly our beloved curry paste had to be crossed off the list of stuff we can eat during weekdays.                                                                              Please note that the given information concerns products sold in Switzerland, the ones in your country may vary. So always make sure to carefully check all the ingredients.

Now I want to share last weeks eating dairy with you guys.


As you already know, we often like to eat granola bowls for breakfast, because they are convenient and prepared quickly and easily. Last Monday we went for a bowl with fresh persimmon, frozen blueberries and leftover apple sauce (yellow, white, orange, blue & brown). You can find the granola recipe here. We continued with the laziness by serving a vegan version of Sunday`s bean and veggie stew in combination with some mashed potatoes (red, green, yellow, white & brown). Resulted to be enough for lunch and dinner. This may be also slightly due to the fact that my hubby and I were overeating on some spicy kale chips (purple). What can we do, those guys are just so incredible addictive.


I had an appointment at the dentist that day, which is why I prepared breakfast the day before. I decided to go for a banana chocolate chia pudding, as it`s pretty much the perfect go-to breakkie to prepare in advance (white, brown & blue). On my way home I stopped by @Tibits  and grabbed a delicious cup of vegan turmeric latte (yellow). We still had some tomatoes in the fridge so I made a creamy tomato soup for lunch (red). I substituted cream by soy cream to make this dish vegan. Sadly that very cream has extra sugar in it. But as it still was hanging around in my fridge and I`m not a big fan of throwing away groceries, I used it anyway. To end this day with a bang, we culinary travelled to India by cooking a masala lentil casserole with cabbage (red, green, purple & white). Additionally we added roasted almond slices and drizzled on some leftover tomato soup to spice things up. If you are looking for nice vegan recipes the Indian cuisine is absolutely commendable.


For breakfast our new blender came into action once more to prepare a delicious smoothie bowl made out of frozen blueberries (blue, white & orange). Lunchtime was leftover time, which specifically means that we finished the remaining tomato soup (red). In the evening it was hubby`s time to shine. He once again proved that he is an amazing chef by cooking a  super yummy and super spicy chickpeas pan with fresh carrots and peas (yellow, orange, green & purple). During the day we snacked walnuts, because at the moment I am absolutely addicted to them.


I terribly overslept that day and as we had planned to go on a big grocery shopping before lunchtime, we only had time to grab something small for breakfast. Namely apples and persimmons (white, red & orange). In return I cooked us a big plate of whole wheat pasta shells with Cima di rapa, mushrooms and blueberries, when we arrived back home (green, white & blue). As our lunch was kind of huge and also a tiny bit late, we kept it simple for dinner. Just oven baked sweet potatoes and fresh rainbow salad (yellow, orange, red, green & purple). And as you might know the right sauce can be the perfect addition to a bland meal.


Friday was bread baking day. On our schedule was a whole wheat bread ring spiked with raisins and served with a vegan chocolate spread, which I found on MrsFlury`s blog (black = blue & brown). For lunch we were invited at one of our friends home. First of all, I didn`t take any picture of the food there and second of all, I ditched the vegan diet for that meal. I felt like special wishes were kind of inappropriate. Our friend served two very nice vegetarian Indian dishes for us, one made out of beans and tomatoes, the other one with eggplants (red, purple & white). Everything came accompanied by a chicory tangerine salad (white, yellow & orange). In the evening we dined out once again. This time Eritrean food @VillaBernau. They serve Eritrean cuisine there once per month and we absolutely didn`t wanted to miss that opportunity as the food is vegan and it`s all you can eat. You can see quite a bad picture of our food above (yellow, orange & green)


Saturday breakkie consisted in leftover bread and chocolate spread. Additionally we added fresh blood oranges, persimmons and apples (orange, red, black = blue, white & brown). Since we had guests for dinner and thus for planned to serve a hefty meal, we kept lunch light by making a simple red cabbage purslane salad with eggs (green & purple). Beef goulash with German dumplings and sweet chestnuts and salad was on for dinner with our guests (yellow, orange, white & brown). The goulash recipe was from the cookbook “So viele Rezepte hat das Jahr”.


Sunday morning I got spoiled like a brat, as my hubby prepared breakfast. He went for a typical dish from his home country Tanzania, namely chapatis. On top of it he stuffed the chapati with fresh carrots, purslane and red cabbage (orange, green & purple). After being lazy the whole morning, I finally picked up pace by baking a garlic cheese pizza ring and a vegan avocado cream along with it (white & green, recipe for the avo-cream from a Dr.Oetker cookbook). This was mainly enough to snack on the whole day. Oh and by the way, this pizza bread ring is our new favorite, since being absolutely yummy. Dinner turned out quite unspectacular with a chicken leek soup and some mixed salad (green, white, yellow & red). The chicken soup recipe was once again out of the cookbook “So viele Rezepte hat das Jahr”.

I hope I was able to inspire you guys a little bit on how to organize your weekly menu plan aiming on eating all the colors of the rainbow and sticking to the rules of the weekday weekend challenge.

Read you soon,


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