Weekday Weekend Week 4

Weekly Menu Planner 4Hello peeps, I hope you had a wonderful January and that implementing your new year resolutions is working out perfectly for you. As you know, I planned for the first month in 2018 to change my eating habits. And the day has arrived, the 4 weeks are over and to sum it up, going vegan – part-time – isn`t that difficult and not boring at all. As soon as you start looking around, go into the matter and gather some knowledge and information about a vegan lifestyle, everything will get going smoothly. Also most of the local bigger supermarkets nowadays have quite a diverse assortment of vegan alternatives. And if you are looking for an exquisite or rare product, you will get most of the time lucky at a health food store or a vegan shop. Soooo, excuses don`t count! *lol* For now I don`t want to get too deep into the vegan diet, as I am not yet a pro and I still have to gather some more information about this lifestyle. But I`m pretty positive, that in the future I might going to talk about it here.

As I already said our for weeks of Weekday Weekend Challenge are over now, which literally would count as well for my diet changes. However I feel pretty good with this “part-time” vegan lifestyle from Monday up to Friday, which is why I came to the conclusion to keep it up for now. On weekends though I will occasionally indulge on cheese, fish and meat, just because I kind of like those things, especially cheese. Nevertheless, I feel this way of living and eating is still ethically acceptable and sustainable enough. The plan is to keep sticking to the Weekday Weekend rules, but loosening them a little bit. In other words, the remaining refined sugar, white flour and pasta supplies will be consumed and after that we will try to not buy them again. Whole wheat pasta does it for us and refined sugar can be avoid by using sugar substitutes (still planning an informational post on that matter). In terms of being strictly sugar-free during weekdays, I will make some exceptions concerning my favorite products like soy cream, curry paste, chocolate and peanut butter, which all contain sugar. Cutting off refined white flour will be applicable too in the future as there are many good alternatives like whole wheat or spelt flour. Here as well, I will not take a too narrow view about this topic, if there is something with refined flour I like, I am occasionally going to eat it. Still eating and cooking should be fun without having to over think and look up every single ingredient. The main goal is to avoid the above mentioned as much as possible.                                                                                                                                          Still there are two things we will introduce again, which are white rice and alcohol. My hubby and I absolutely love basmati rice, parboiled rice and risotto rice, which is why we will definitely not quit on that delight. Further there is nothing better than an aromatic glass of good wine in the evening. As well I like wine as an ingredient for cooking. It`s obvious that for us a slightly modified version of Weekday Weekend is going to work perfectly. What about you?                                                                                                    Onwards we are trying to take the challenge a step further by mainly purchasing organic products.

Although our daily menus have been kind of boring the last fourteen days, I still would like to share last weeks menu plan. Honestly and sadly we did not manage to eat the rainbow every single day. Amongst the colors blue and purple aren`t that much available options right now. And eating blueberries, sweet potatoes and red cabbage every day gets kind of boring.


I was feeling a little bit sick at the beginning of last week, which is why I wasn`t really in the mood for eating. In the morning I prepared myself an oatmeal with coconut drink and fresh apples (yellow, red & white). As I felt nauseous after that lunch was cancelled. For dinner my husband prepared a colorful veggie soup so I would at least eat something (yellow, orange, red, green, purple, white & brown).


The second day of the week I started feeling better. Still I wasn`t really up to eat an extensive breakfast. The whole wheat bread, my hubby bought, and a fresh avocado was just fine (green). Lunch again was off cards, but in the evening I was ravenous, which is why I prepared some delicious spelt pasta with bell peppers and garden peas served on a tomato sauce (yellow, orange, red, green & white). That day we didn`t consume anything purple or blue, but at least we snacked on healthy walnuts (brown).


I had some spare time Wednesday morning and was kind of in the mood to prepare something delicious for breakfast. And is there anything better during winter than a lukewarm buckwheat porridge with cinnamon glazed prunes (blue)?. For lunch we finished the remaining veggie soup, before it went bad (yellow, orange, red, green, purple, white & brown). Raiding the fridge was on schedule for dinner. All the remaining veggies got combined for a delicious colorful vegan stir fry (yellow, orange, red, green, pruple, white & brown)


While cooking dinner Wednesday evening, I baked some blueberry chocolate muffins as well (blue). Those were on the menu for Thursday`s breakfast. Lunch was just a snack, namely vegan butter bread slices served with a passion fruit (purple & yellow). In the evening we again went for remaining veggies, this time the frozen ones, as we needed free space for new ones. And which dish is best for this kind of purpose? Duh… a veggie bake of course (yellow, green, purple and white). My hubby especially loved this, because I accidentally thawed some cheese which needed to be finished. So his side of the bake was loaded with cheese. Sadly on this day we did not manage on eating all the colors of the rainbow.


Simple breakfast with a whole grain bread, fresh pineapple and apples, coffee and a blueberry banana nice cream was on for Friday (yellow, red, blue & white). Lunch consisted of leftover veggie bake (yellow, green, purple & white). During the day I constantly snacked on dried apricots and hazelnuts, those guys make you addicted though (orange & brown). Friday`s highlight was a savory, super delicious sweet potato pizza with guacamole and greens (green, purple & white).


Dessert prep was on for Saturday, as we were invited at my parents place in the evening. Breakfast and lunch became one meal, which were the remaining blueberry chocolate muffins (blue). My parents served swiss cheese fondue for dinner. That day we only managed to eat one single color of the rainbow. But I feel this is ok for once, as long as it`s not every day. Do you agree?


Although already quite dry we finished the whole grain bread, pineapple and apples for breakfast. Timewise it was more a brunch, which is why we crossed out lunch for Sunday. Instead we indulged on some steaming hot milk coffee and chocolate pear cake after our Sunday afternoon stroll (white). Asian night was on for dinner, which means I prepared a super yummy salmon pan for my hubby and a shrimp one for me (yellow, red, green & white). Again we sadly did not manage to eat all the colors of the rainbow.

On that note, that is going to be it on our weekly report concerning the Weekday Weekend Challenge. End of February there might be a blog post about our experiences on implementing the new rule of buying only organic products whenever possible.

Read you soon,



PS, if someone is interested on my weekly menu planner sheet please send me an email and I will forward you the file.

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