Valentine`s Day Nice Cream Bowl

Valentine Nice Cream Bowl (1 von 1)

Unbelievable only to days to Valentine`s Day! What are your plans for that very day? Date night out or a cozy evening at home? Do you even celebrate Valentine`s Day? Me, I am not that big of a  fan of this holiday. Usually we just have dinner at a restaurant or cook something nice at home. And that`s about it, nothing special though, as you can see. I especially don`t expect my husband to buy me a present. Actually, I rather prefer him buying me something sweet, like flowers, during the year instead of Valentine`s. What`s your opinion on that?

Still Valentine`s Day has one nice thing about it. Can you guess what? OK, I`m gonna tell you anyway! Social media gets overfloated with super cute food creations. And if those delightful inspos are pink and heart shaped, my foodie heart can not be stopped anymore. I`m a sucker for things like that and this is the moment I can spend hours browsing Instagram and Pinterest to get inspired.

And isn`t Valentine`s just the perfect day to indulge on some delicious sweet treats? And if you are a sucker for pink as well, but don`t want to buy too much into the whole commercial aspect of this holiday, then I have the perfect dessert – or breakfast in bed – for you. A super yummy homemade coconut strawberry nice cream bowl. And if your just a huge fan of nice cream and would like to treat yourself and your beloved one with a cute vegan bowl, then you are at the right here as well.

Kokosnuss Erdbeeren Nice Cream (1 von 1)

Ingredients (for 2 coconut bowls):

  • 1 coconut
  • 2 bananas, frozen & organic
  • 50-100ml coconut milk or puree -> concerning the texture, I would recommend the puree. As I was using a blender, which needs a liquid base, I used coconut milk and it worked just fine. Depending if using a food processor or blender you will need a different amount of coconut milk, which is why I highly advise for you to start with a small amount and then you can go on adding more and more until your nice cream has the right texture.
  • 1-2 teaspoons strawberry powder -> the amount depends on the intensity of your powder and on the desired color.
  • vegan chocolate cookie hearts
  • vegan lemon cookie hearts
  • vegan chocolate -> here you can find the chocolate and biscuits I used in this recipe.


  1. Halve the coconut. You can use the water for a smoothie.
  2. Add frozen bananas and coconut milk into your blender/food processor and puree. My nice cream was quite liquid in texture, as my blender needs a certain amount of liquid to process the bananas to the desired texture. Try to use as little coconut milk or puree as you can. But make sure the coconut flavor is still present.
  3. Add the strawberry powder and mix together until mixed together evenly. I used strawberry powder from frooggies.
  4. Pour your nice cream into the coconut halves and decorate with cookie hearts and chocolate to your liking.

Coconut Strawberry Nice Cream (1 von 1)

In case the nice cream turns out too liquid there`s always the possibility to put it back into the freezer for a few minutes. Sadly there wasn`t enough space in ours. Because first our freezer is too small and second always stuffed at maximum.                              Since we tried this bowl, we got hooked up on nice cream and thus for we are constantly looking out for new nice cream inspo. So any recommendations? I think next we will try a chocolate-peanut butter version and a pistachio version is also on top of our list.

Read you soon,



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