Infused Water Ideas for the Winter Season

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Ok, I am aware of the fact that it`s a little bit late to post about winter drinks. Still February is not over and technically the cold season is still on. In case you`re not yet fed up with oranges, cinnamon & co., I have some cool ideas in store for you, on how you can increase your water intake during winter.

On our latitude it`s more common to consume tea and hot cocoa during the months of winter, because drinking water isn`t really soothing when it`s freezing cold out there. Unless you`re the hot water drinking kind of type, like my hubby. For me this doesn`t work at all. If you`re like me and don`t drink plain hot water, then you might have problems as well to achieve the daily needed amount of 1 up to 2 liter water during winter. This is the case for you? Then infused water might be the perfect solution for you! So this is the reason why I would like to share some infused water ideas, which you can prepare at home without a lot of effort.

Some amongst you might ask themselves; “what is wrong with tea during the cold seasons?” Absolutely nothing of course. You might not believe it, but there are people out there in the world, that don`t fancy tea at all. On top of that, how benefitting tea can be always depends on the way you drink it and on what kind of tea you use. If you are adding sugar or honey or any sort of other sweetener to your cup of tea, you can`t really count this as you would count the same amount of water. And of course there are some sorts of tea that contain caffeine, like black tea, green tea or mate. Those should be consumed moderately, which means you should not drink several liters of them daily. That`s the reason why infused water can be a good alternative.


As the heading of this blog post already suggests, I am presenting you some winter inspired flavors of infused water today. I mainly used seasonal ingredients. Also I highly recommend to only use organic quality products, as you are not going to remove the peel  of your fruits for example.

  1. Christmas Water = Orange + Tangerine + Persimmon + Cloves + Cardamom
  2. Spicy Citrus Water = Orange +Tangerine + Ginger -> I only sliced the ginger, which resulted in a subtle spicy taste. Which is why I would recommend to grate it, if you prefer your water spicier, like I do.
  3. Orange Cinnamon Water = Orange + Cinnamon Bark -> for a more intensive cinnamon flavor, I recommend to break the bark into two pieces.
  4. Ginger Lemon Water = Lemon & Ginger
  5. Vitamin C Immune Booster Water = Orange + Tangerine + Lemon + Ginger + Black Pepper + Turmeric -> For our body to absorb the most of the turmeric it`s very important to intake it with a little bit of crushed black pepper.
  6. Apple Cinnamon Water = Green Apple + Cinnamon Bark
  7. Apple Pear Water = Green Apple + Pear
  8. Apple Vanilla Water = Green Apple + Vanilla flavored tea / Vanilla Bean -> vanilla beans would obviously be the better choice, but we were out of them. For that reason I used vanilla flavored tea (without caffeine).
  9. Pear Berry Water = Pear + Berry Tea -> Again chose a tea without caffeine. Instead of the tea you could also use dried cranberries. I linked you the tea I used.
  10. Winter Berry Water = Fruit Tea with dried Currants + Raisins -> Once again caffeine free tea with a link. Dried cranberries would work as well here.

You possibly already noticed that preparing your own infused water at home is pretty easy and doesn`t require a lot of ingredients. You probably can even use leftover oranges, tangerines or apples from your breakfast. For some of the above mentioned flavours I would advise to sieve the water first before you drink. I suppose you don`t want bits of tea or cloves in your mouth. Looking for another cool reason to make these waters at home? You can indulge on all the fruits afterwards.

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