Swiss Birchermuesli with Fresh Berries – Summer Edition

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the perfect raw vegan dish for hot summer days

The temperatures are rising immeasurably, the midsummer is finally here. I love this heat idolatrously, but then my eating behaviour always changes. Do you fancy warm dishes with this heat? Not really, is it? Watermelons, cold fruits and salads are almost perfect… And someday it gets boring to eat the same thing all the time, doesn’t it? Maybe you’re running out of ideas too? Then I have just the right thing for you, a delicious summer version of birchermuesli. Not only a nutritious breakfast, but also delicious for lunch or dinner.  Birchermuesli is super easy to prepare the night before and you can take it with you to work the next day. In today’s blog post, I’ll show you how to prepare this Swiss classic.

Before we get started, I’ll give away a private little anecdote. Birchermuesli has a tradition in my family during summer time. Often I came home just to find a bowl full of birchermuesli with delicious berries for lunch. That’s why I always associate this dish with my homeplace and the cosy feeling of home. Actually one of the reasons why I am uploading a Birchermuesli recipe today. Not to mention that it tastes fabulous.

homemade vegan Swiss birchermuesli summer style

What is birchermuesli

Birchermuesli is a traditional Swiss breakfast, prepared from oatmeal, grated apples, dried fruit, yoghurt, milk, nuts and fresh fruit. In contrast to a porridge, however, the oats are not cooked but mixed with the liquid ingredients when raw. It is therefore a raw food dish. In addition a very wholesome one, thanks to the oats, nuts and fruit.
In order for the birchermuesli to recieve the correct consistency and become beautifully creamy, one has to soak the oats. Therefore, it can be prepared the evening before and stored overnight in the refrigerator. One could claim that birchermuesli is actually overnight oats.

What belongs in a vegan birchermuesli?

In the classic version, the following ingredients belong in a Swiss birchermuesli:

  • oats
  • plant milk
  • vegetable yoghurt
  • ground nuts
  • raisins
  • grated apples
  • seasonal fruit
  • some vegetable cream (optional)

birchermuesli with berries - a bowl of summer homemade birchermuesli - perfect leftover and meal prep dish
Birchermuesli the everyday all-rounder

What makes birchermuesli an excellent choice, in addition to its positive nutritional balance, is the fact that you can eat it at any time of the year. In winter it is best consumed with apples and pears, in spring with rhubarb and the first strawberries, in summer with fresh berries or stone fruits and in autumn with plums. There are endless combinations, but birchermuesli never gets boring. So you are welcome to change today’s recipe according to the seasons.

Further advantages of birchermuesli

And while we’re at it, here are a few more advantages of birchermuesli:

  • rich in fibre & nutrients
  • contributes to a balanced diet
  • helps to start the day healthy
  • provides you with enough full-fledged energy for the day
  • is super suitable for Meal Prep
  • perfect dish for packing on the way (work, excursion, picnic, school, university, etc.)
  • ideal dish for the recycling of fruit residues
  • suitable for all seasons

Now the only thing that stands in the way of Birchermüesli enjoyment is the preparation. To make this easier for you, you will find the recipe for my Birchermüesli with fresh summer fruits at the end of this article. Try it out and let yourself be enchanted by the dish.

See you soon

your Sarah

Swiss Birchermüesli Summer Edition

The perfect dish for hot summer days or whenever you are looking for a healthy nutrious start into the day.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Resting Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Swiss
Servings 4 servings


  • 100 g spelt flakes organic
  • 100 g oatmeal organic
  • 50 g ground hazelnuts organic
  • 25 g raisins organic
  • 1 pinch bourbon vanilla organic
  • 1 tsp Sweet Temptation spice mixture from Würzmeister
  • 300 ml soy milk organic
  • 300 g almond yoghurt organic
  • 3 raspberries organic
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup organic
  • 2 apples organic
  • 500 g fresh berries & cherries organic
  • 130 g vegetable cream organic


  • Mix spelt flakes, oatmeal, ground hazelnuts, raisins and soy milk in a bowl.
  • Add almond yoghurt with 3 raspberries to the mixer and puree well. This step is not absolutely necessary, but it produces a pink yoghurt. Add the yoghurt to the oat flakes and mix well.
  • Add bourbon vanilla and sweet spice mixture of your choice. You can skip the spice mixture as it`s not necessary . Add maple syrup for a little sweetness. Also not mandatory.
  • Leave the mixture to stand for at least 30 minutes and stir from time to time. At the beginning it is quite liquid, but then it becomes creamier because the oat flakes absorb the liquid.
  • Rinse apples under running water and grate finely with a vegetable grater Add the apples to the birchermüesli.
  • Wash fruits of your choice under running water and cut into pieces if necessary. I have chosen raspberries, strawberries and cherries.
  • If you like, you can serve a dash of whipped vegetable cream with your birchermüesli.
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