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About me - Velvet & Vinegar -And how I will help you to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Hello Lovelies & welcome to Velvet & Vinegar

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
― George Bernard Shaw

I’m Sarah, the author, recipe developer and photographer of this food blog Velvet & Vinegar. Where I take you with me to discover the plant based cuisine and the variety of vegan recipes.

It started early…

When I think back to defining moments in my childhood, they were always moments that had something to do with food. Brewing iced tea or cutting Christmas cookies together with my mom. Lunch at Grandma’s, where I always had the best mashed potatoes. Holidays at my great-aunt’s, who conjured up the best semolina and porridge and I never got tired of making alphabet soup. Summer days in my grandfather’s garden plot, sitting among the flowers, busy stirring the flower soup. Or how I could sit for hours on rainy days in my room and leaf through Betty Bossi cookbooks.

My passion for cooking and baking and, of course, eating became apparent early on. Over the years this passion has grown more and more. And new interests such as photography, veganism and sustainability have been added.

That sweet tooth…

Developed very distinctly when I started experimenting with baking as a teenager. From then on it was clear that if we were invited somewhere as a family and had to bring dessert, I was the one who prepared it.

And although I put great importance on a healthy and balanced diet today, a piece of cake or chocolate can’t be missing from time to time. That’s why you’ll find a mixture of sweet and savory plant based recipes here on Velvet & Vinegar. So there is something for every taste! For my sweet creations, however, I try to use as little sugar as possible and bake them with natural sweeteners. You’ll hardly ever find refined sugar in my recipes!

About me- Velvet & Vinegar

Student life & the rediscovery of a passion…

After graduating from high school, I decided to study pharmacy. In 2011, I completed my master’s degree and all doors were open to me. Research and the pharmaceutical industry were never my things, so it was clear from the outset that I would work in the pharmacy. And that’s where I still work today. In between, there was a little sideline that took me into the history of pharmacy. But I realized that an academic career and the jejune library and research work did not really give me much pleasure. So I discontinued my doctoral studies. In addition, I was also pregnant with my son Nathaniel at that time. To be a pharmacist and mom, as well as to write my doctoral thesis, seemed too much for me.

I also missed the creative outlet in my profession. I felt uncreative and my life wasn’t fulfilling me. After my studies I had moved into my first own apartment. So everyday cooking became much more present again. During my student life this passion had completely faded into the background. When I arrived in my new apartment, I immediately started working in the kitchen again. Trying out new recipes. Despite a hectic and long working day I tried to cook with fresh ingredients whenever possible.

I discovered my passion a second time, so to speak!

Velvet & Vinegar was born…

I had already discovered my passion for photography during my studies. Had even already run a lifestyle blog. But due to time reasons and because it was not my thing, I deleted it.

When I finally had more time again after dropping out of my doctorate, I decided to start this food blog. And the more I became involved with food photography, food styling and recipe development, the more my passion for it grew. Shortly after founding this blog, I switched to a completely vegan diet and started to focus more and more on sustainability and avoiding food waste.

What I want to show you…

“The way is the goal.”
― Confucius

Is that a healthy plant-based and sustainable diet is possible in a packed everyday life with kids, work, studies, and all the rest. I would like to take you on a culinary journey where you will discover that a healthy and balanced plant based diet is not impossible. I would like to take you by the hand and motivate you to spend more time in your kitchen, yes, at your stove. Show you how delicious vegan food tastes. Encourage you to experiment more with seasonal and regional ingredients. And give you tips and tricks on how to avoid food waste.

Step by step, we will make it together to a more sustainable lifestyle! And you will eat more balanced and healthy food and integrate plant based recipes into your daily life without spending too much time!

I hope I could inspire you to try something vegan in the kitchen more often. And if you try one of my recipes, I would love to get your feedback! If you like my work, I would be very happy if you would sign up for my newsletter. Here you can go directly to the newsletter registration. You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

You can always book me for personal 1:1 coaching or events – be it on the subject of vegan nutrition / vegan cooking, sustainability, or avoiding food waste. Just contact me via this form. You can find more about how to collaborate with me here. Please use the contact form for placing cooperation requests.

Are you ready for the journey? I look forward to you and let’s go this way together!

Your Sarah

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