Infused Water Summer Edition

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This blog post is also available in German.

As you might know yet, there`s already a spring and winter edition of this post on the blog. But to be honest they weren`t as much fun like that one. Just due to the fact, that summer offers you a big variety of fruits and herbs to choose from. So it was incredible fun to create this post and on my opinion there is no better season to make infused water than this one!

For those one amongst us, who are still new to the world of infused water or still need a little bit of help, let me explain to you what kind of ingredients you need to get to make your own aroma water. And after this you will see, how incredible easy it is! Here`s what you need:

  • fruits and/or veggies of your choice -> the best choice always are seasonal & organic fruits, that`s why I created different versions of this blog post suitable for every season
  • herbs -> seasonal & organic as well
  • spices -> escpecially nice for the cold seasons, like autumn & winter
  • water -> great for summer

That`s it! I guess most of you already have these ingredients at home anyway. That said, I don`t want to go on babbling, instead let`s dive into the collection of different summer flavors I have in store for you today.

  1. Sour Pinapple Mint = Lime + Pineapple + Mint
  2. Tangy Watermelon = Rosmary + Watermelon
  3. Fineapple Pineapple = Basil + Strawberry + Pineapple
  4. Kissed by a Cherry = Cherry + Watermelon + Lime
  5. Berry Dream = Strawberry + Raspberry + Blackberry
  6. Midsummernight Dream= Raspberry + Red Currant + Rosmary
  7. Passionate Summer = Passionfruit
  8. Rainbow = Lemon + Apricot + Watermelon + Strawberry +Raspberry + Blackberry + Lime
  9. Forest Pond = Blackberry + Blueberry + Lemon
  10. Sunset = Peach + Apricot

How do you like this small selection of flavor combos? Of course there`s tons of other possibilities on what to combine togehter, just mix, mix, mix and try to find out what you like. That said, see you in autumn for the next part of this infused water series.

Read you soon,


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