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Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip

The next brunch is just around the corner and you want to surprise your friends with a delicious vegan dip? A vegan spinach artichoke dip that is bursting with creaminess is just perfect. Be it for the next brunch or aperitif. Because honestly, you just can not have enough brunches or parties in your life. Although vegan through and through, this spinach artichoke dip is a true flexitarian. In fact, it goes well with fluffy puff pastries or crispy crackers, just as it makes a great vegan dip for crunchy veggies or falafel. And for the dip addicts among us who don’t like to share, the dip also makes a great spread on a toasted piece of bread, so to speak.

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vegan spinach artichoke dip recipe

easy vegan spinach artichoke dip

A vegan dip that’s quick and easy to make at home should be in every vegan survival recipe repertoire. And this definitely doesn’t just apply to the snack monsters among us. Why do you ask yourself 🤔? So that you’re always armed against a ravenous appetite attack. Hummus actually gets boring over time. Therefore, it makes sense to create a repertoire of two to three different dips, which you can fall back on at any time. This vegan artichoke dip is definitely one of them. But also Baba Ganoush, the classic Hummus, and this homemade Nutella – for the sugar lovers among you – may not be missing.

And if this reason is not enough…. 😄 Then, of course, because you just want to wow your nearest and dearest at the next aperitif with this deliciously creamy vegan artichoke dip.

vegan artichoke dip with white beans and spinach

I promise you, you don’t need any fancy-schmancy ingredients for this vegan dip with artichokes. Everything you need for the preparation, you get in any supermarket. After all, we don’t want to complicate life unnecessarily when it can be done simply. A definite plus for the vegan dip is the nutritional yeast. With its cheesy flavor, they give the artichoke dip that certain je ne sais quoi. Yes, umami is definitely real, and nutritional yeast flatters this flavor just right.

Otherwise, we are really moving back to the roots with the ingredients. As I said, not every recipe has to consist of unpronounceable ingredients. All you need for this dip to send you straight to gourmet snack heaven – yes, that exists too – are pickled artichokes, fresh spinach, and white beans. Sounds doable, right?

ingredients for a vegan spinach and artichoke dip

How to make this vegan artichoke dip

Sarah, what’s not safe about a simple dip? That’s what you think now, isn’t it? Got you 😋. Nothing really, except for one important point. Which, by the way, I had to experience at the beginning of my vegan career quite painfully often on my own. Namely: a cheap blender! Yes exactly, that`s it! It may sound banal, but it is of compelling importance. Inferior blender = poor workmanship = chunky and definitely not creamy dip. And this is true not only for this vegan artichoke dip recipe but for many other great recipes. A good blender is just worth its weight in gold and definitely worth the investment. I’ve linked mine to you below in the recipe. By the way, self-bought and no sponsor or anything.

Artichoke dip vegan

Less waste tips

As always, here are a few smart tips to save trash:

  • All fresh ingredients, aka spinach, onions, and garlic can be bought regionally and seasonally at the weekly market.
  • You should be able to find the beans at a well-stocked bulk store.
  • Some bulk stores also sell spices, including salt and pepper
  • Of course, you can also pickle artichoke hearts yourself.

Alternatives to the products used

What alternatives are there if I can’t tolerate beans? Every little bean is a little tint, I have absolutely no desire for that. Or you do not like white beans? No problemo 😊 We will find a solution for that too. If you want to replace the beans in the recipe, then you can alternatively take chickpeas. Results are more like a kind of artichoke hummus but also taste delicious. If you want to avoid legumes completely, then I suggest cashews as an alternative. So a vegan cashew dip with artichokes. Just soak the cashews in water for a few hours or better overnight. Then you proceed as described in the recipe and simply take the cashews instead of the beans.

You can also just leave out the spinach if you’re not into the spinach. For the artichokes, I do not have an alternative. Otherwise, it would be no artichoke dip. And I’m just going to assume that if you landed on this post, you like artichokes too. Otherwise, the search engine with the big G wouldn’t have directed you here. 😄

vegan no cashew artichoke dip

Meal prep tips

The vegan artichoke dip is of course easy to prepare in advance. It can also be stored in the refrigerator for a few days without the dip going bad. If you always want to be well prepared for the week, then it’s best to prepare a batch of artichoke dip on Sunday and then enjoy it stress-free during the week. It keeps well for up to 4 days.

Another little time-saving tip on the side; if you always have cooked beans in stock, then it’s even faster. I always recommend storing large quantities of pulses, cooking them, and then freezing them in portions. This way you always have pulses on hand as an important source of protein and at the same time avoid unnecessary canning.

What goes well with spinach and artichoke dip?

The question of all questions, you are planning an aperitif, now what do you serve with the dip?

  • raw vegetable sticks, e.g. celery, carrots, cucumbers or cherry tomatoes
  • puff pastry sticks
  • vegan crackers
  • toasted bread

Why you should try this vegan spinach artichoke dip:

it is;

  • vegan
  • easy to prepare
  • quickly prepared
  • perfect for every party and aperitif
  • nut-free
  • dairy-free
  • perfect to serve with raw vegetables and crackers

More vegan dips & spreads:

  • Baba Ganoush
  • homemade nutella
  • carrot pesto

If you try this vegan spinach artichoke dip, I would love to hear your feedback here in the comments. If you share your creation of this recipe on Instagram, please don’t forget to link @velvetandvinegar and use the hashtag #velvetandvinegar. That way, my community and I are guaranteed not to miss your post.

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Read you soon, Yours Sarah

veganer Dip mit Artischocken und Spinat
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Veganer Artischocken Dip

Ein veganer Artischocken Dip, der von Cremigkeit nur so strotzt ist geradezu perfekt. Sei es für den nächsten Brunch oder Apéro. Denn mal ehrlich man kann einfach nicht genug brunchen oder Apéröle, wie wir Schweizer sagen. Obwohl durch und durch vegan, ist dieser Artischocken Dip ein wahrer Flexitarier. Er passt nämlich sowohl zu fluffigem Blätterteiggebäck oder knusprigen Crackern, so wie er auch ein toller veganer Dip für knackiges Gemüse oder Falafel ist. Und für die Dip-Suchtis unter uns, die nicht gerne teilen, der Dip macht sich auch hervorragend auf einem getoasteten Stück Brot, quasi als Aufstrich.
Course Dips & Aufstriche
Cuisine Amerikanisch
Keyword Artischocken Dip, veganer Artischocken Dip, veganer Dip
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Servings 4 Personen
Author Velvet & Vinegar


  • Mixer*


  • 220 g weisse gekochte Bohnen oder Borlotti Bohnen Bio
  • 170 g eingelegte Artischockenherzen Bio
  • 1 EL Hefeflocken Bio
  • 1 TL Kräutersalz Bio
  • Pfeffer Bio
  • 70-90 ml Wasser optional
  • 1 Zwiebel Bio
  • 3 Knoblauchzehen Bio
  • 100 g Spinat Bio


  • Bohnen, Artischocken, Gewürze in einen Mixer geben & fein pürieren. Falls nötig etwas Wasser schrittweise hinzugeben, damit der Mixer pürieren kann.
  • Zwiebel fein hacken, Knoblauchzehen fein pressen.
  • Etwas Öl aus dem Artischocken-Glas erhitzen, Zwiebeln, Knoblauch & Spinat darin kurz anschwitzen bis der Spinat zerfällt.
  • Spinat Mischung in Mixer geben & mit der Pulse-Taste unter den Dip mixen. nicht durchgehend pürieren, nur immer kurz auf die Taste drücken.


*Ich verwende diesen Mixer (selbstgekauft) und bin sehr zufrieden.

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